Wave by wave

Delta Packaging Services optimises overseas plan for longitudinal waves

Packaging for longitudinal waves - 1
Packaging for longitudinal waves - 2

“A person must be able to set up and fit the packaging on their own”, was one of the client’s essential requirements. Not an easy task in case of the optimisation of an overseas transport package for drive shafts. The client: An internationally supplier of links and shafts for the automotive industry. The previous packaging caused high costs for transport and storage due to its bulky EPS padding. The disposal was also impeded by the use of this padding, which made the single-material destruction impossible.

The DELTA team was not only called upon for simple integration into the production process, protection and safety of the components to be packaged. Criteria regarding energy efficiency and sustainability also had to be met.

The packaging experts first carried out an in-depth analysis on behalf of the client. This entailed the examination of the processes and work out optimisation approaches. One requirement was to use the present outer packaging (ring, bottom, cover) again.

On this basis, DELTA developed single-material solutions made entirely from corrugated board.

During the changeover from reusable packaging to disposable packaging, two significant challenges usually arise. Either the developed constructions are very complex to set up, or the capacity of each packaging unit decreases in part significantly. Thanks to crumpling trays and simple U-cuts, a simple structure and identical utilisation compared to the starting concept is possible with the new solution.

Overall, a safe and compact packaging solution that is highly efficient evolved, which reduces the transport costs and can be disposed of without any problems, using flat cuttings that are delivered to the client.