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Transport packaging for steering columns

Steering columns are very complex and sensitive components for the automotive industry. They pose high demands on transport packaging.

Transport packaging for steering columns (overview)

Transport packaging for steering columns

Transport packaging for steering columns (detailed view)

For the protection of columns with sensitive surface treatments anti-corrosion protection is essential.

DELTA Packaging developed an integrated packaging structure for oversea transport which not only offers functional improvements but contributes largely to increased logistics efficiency.

Maximum packaging density, high stability, protection against corrosion, secure hold within the packaging and easy setup were the main requirements.

The DELTA Packaging design team designed a tray construction with a capacity of 40 steering columns per shipping unit. This expanded the packing density by 25% compared to the existing solution. Plug-in foam elements and a folding tray design enable a particularly easy set-up. Recycling is secured due to easily separable materials when disposing. Specially shaped cut-outs allow efficient dissemination of the anti-corrosion substance.

Flat package delivery adds to reducing the transportation costs.