Constructional packagings

Constructional packagings offer optimal product protection. The carton can be expertly complemented with constructional and multi-component packaging, which facilitates safe transportation by securing delicate products.

Constructional packaging involves more than using a suitable filling material with the packaging for cumbersome or bulky products. Constructional packagings are packagings with additional features. They are characterised by the fact that they are optimally designed for the specific product and firmly cling to its shape. This ensures firmly secured goods, which are packaged with a sufficient crumple zone, ideally by using environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials.

Constructional packaging is characterised by different packaging methods and packaging designs. Examples for constructional packagings are:

Packagings for devices and transport

Delicate, high-quality and expensive devices product components require high-quality packaging. Among other things, DELTA develops constructional packaging for the highly complex sector of the automotive industry. These are transported packagings, which offer delicate and often expensive equipment or system components support and stability and enable their safe transportation.

Disposable and reusable packaging

By using grid inlays, lattice box linings and individual cuttings, different transport goods can be packed in the box sturdily and separate from each other. In doing so, both disposable and reusable solutions using different materials can be implemented.


Constructional packaging using the DELTA principle

Packages that are developed according to the DELTA principle are characterised by the fact that we design prototypes individually by your specifications or your product requirements. Our packaging experts create innovative, space-saving and cost-efficient packaging solutions. That includes constructional packagings that are tested on their practical suitability, for example on their handling, their practicability and their stability.