Optimal packaging is not a static product - it is a dynamic process; in particular within the complex production processes of today’s companies. What was a perfect transport container yesterday can be an obstruction and an efficiency killer as early as tomorrow. More and more companies are therefore sweeping changes in their packaging management: with the DELTA principle. The DELTA principle is a holistic perspective to search for and implement optimisation potentials in literally all directions around packaging. Ideally across the entire supply chain - via a process, and this is permeated by many information, material, and finance flows.

It is, therefore, all the more important to take a holistic approach to achieve a sustainable cost optimisation. The DELTA principle clarifies the complex processes between procurement management and supplier management, between packaging design and material flow analysis.
We have acquired the knowledge required for this in the industry that is logistically the most demanding: the extremely competitive automotive sector.

DELTA pools know-how of two worlds for you: from the packaging industry as well as the world of process consulting. In all this, we act material-neutral and independently in procurement - the ideal starting point for advice with hand and foot.


Therefore, utilise the DELTA principle as soon as possible for your own purposes - because this is more value  for your company than just an optimzed folding box. We begin wherever you wish. With services and solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Our services can be provided as a comprehensive package as well as individual steps, while entirely according to your needs. Either way, thanks to the DELTA principle, the whole is more than the sum of all parts: comprehensive consulting services along the packaging value chain. So that way you can focus on your core business.