Automotive packaging supplier

The requirements that an automotive packaging supplier must meet are as versatile as the automotive industry itself.

The spectrum of packages in the automotive industry extends from packaging for industrial goods via transport packaging to consumer goods packaging such as wiper blades and replacement bulbs.

The main purpose of packaging for industrial goods and transport containers is first and foremost the protection of the packaged goods. This can consist of individual parts such as screws, springs and nuts. But also complete components such as axles and engines have to be transported over long distances. Liquids and lubricants must be packaged with a high level of protection. The differences in the dimensions and stress situations are enormous. Yet the packaging is designed in such a way that it allows optimum utilisation of the transport capacities. For this purpose, they must be stackable and adhere to standard dimensions. A wide choice of materials ensures that all requirements can be met.

The management of supply chains places extraordinary demands on automotive packaging suppliers. The features of the packaging that are offered must match the requirements of a variety of clients. Consulting services and service provisions are becoming increasingly critical in this area. They range from the supply chain diagnosis via the electronic order processing to the pallet accounting service. To increase the competitiveness of their clients, automotive packaging suppliers additionally offer process analysis, packaging optimisation and material reduction.

As speed and innovation are integral factors in the automotive industry, an automotive supplier must also be able to adapt to the conditions with high flexibility. Short distances to the client, flexible production and continuous development of the packaging solutions are required to keep up with the increasing pace of the industry. The packaging industry, which has developed into an efficient high-tech sector, is also changing with their clients.