Packaging is generally understood to be the wrapping of an object. Packaging is distinguished by its function in beautiful packaging, protective packaging, transport packaging and sales packaging.

The purpose of protective packaging is first and foremost the protection of the packaged product from damage by environmental effects. Thus coloured or lightproof packaging materials protect from UV rays, padding and inserts from impact and blows, dust flaps from soiling of the contents. With the use of transport packaging, the focus is on the utilisation of space in the transport vehicle, excellent visibility in the transport vehicle as well as easy loading and unloading.

Sales packaging is specifically oriented towards the requirements of retailers and the consumers. On the one hand, it must show the legally required information, and at the same time communicate an advertising message and provide an incentive to buy. Furthermore, consumer goods packaging must be coordinated with the sales areas and shelving systems at retail level and be identifiable, for the recognition by scanners at cashiers.

Decorative packaging can become an art form with elaborately designed shapes and creative elements. It has to emphasise the high level of quality and create a high desire to buy. This type of packaging is mainly found with luxury goods and gifts.

Generally speaking, packaging must be designed for secure transport and fit for purpose. Goods that are particularly delicate also require additional features, for example, sustaining a consistent temperature while shipping.

When meeting the many different requirements regarding packaging, various materials are used. Cardboard, carton, metal, glass, as well as plastics, foam materials and composite materials, are among the most popular. Several of these materials are often used in one packaging solution, to combine the advantages of their different properties.

The variety of requirements has ensured that packaging has become a high-tech product with a lot of development effort at the start. The packaging industry increasingly transforms into to a comprehensive service provider, who advises in all aspects of packaging processes and develops individual solutions for their clients.