Packaging design

Professional packaging design means to find holistic solutions when faced with increasing challenges about resource, material and energy efficiency. A packaging designer combines aesthetics, functionality, construction, technology, economics and ecology. Apart from these aspects, the impacts on processes within the packaging supply chain, on issues regarding transport and logistics must be considered. Delta develops packaging, which is non-proprietary and material-neutral. Consequently, so far unexploited optimisation potentials can be discovered and realised.

At the DELTA Design Center, packaging designers work on innovative packaging solutions for the most varied industry sectors, from automotive via aerospace to engineering. In close collaboration with the client, before the actual packaging design, the requirements are defined first. A team of packaging designers, application specialists and supply chain experts then begins to work on new design ideas.

The packaging material must also meet particular requirements. Thus industrial goods must often be transported a long way, and they must, therefore, be packed correspondingly securely and protectively. The objective of research activities is sustainability, to develop biodegradable coatings for folding boxes or corrugated board from the organic residual agricultural material.

Creative design solutions combined with the resource-friendly use of material create the basis for sustainable packaging development. The holistic view of the DELTA design team and the process-oriented working method are crucial factors on the journey to a comprehensive view of packaging design in line with efficiency enhancement and cost optimisation.