Packaging development

DELTA supports you in the optimal packaging development

Due to continually increasing demands on packaging, the meticulous packaging development is becoming an increasingly more critical and complex issue.
This does not only apply to the requirements of the product. All needs of the manufacturer, the carrier and the recipient are equally important. Good knowledge about the packing process, the transport stresses and the optimal handling do all flow into the packaging development process.

The first step is the analysis of the market and the supply chain operations of the packer. It is necessary to define the requirements of the manufacturer, the trade, as well as the consumer, in order to enable the formulation of a clear development objective. This is followed by the creative search for solutions, the preparation of drafts and drawings as well as the production of prototypes. During a test phase, the results are evaluated to determine their suitability and performance, to enable the selection of the best packaging option. The process is concluded with the validation phase, which envisages even more intensive testing of the selected packaging to ensure that this solution stands up to all requirements also in practice.

The finding process presents a range of challenges: What are the client’s expectations about packaging? What stresses are the delivery goods subjected to during transport? Are there any specific product features that need to be considered? Is an individual or collective packaging required and is the packaging disposable or reusable? What are the requirements on the packing density and is the packaging manually work or automated? How can the packaging disposed of and what other environmental factors need to be considered?

At the end of the development process, there are product-specific solutions, which ensure that temperature-sensitive materials do not deteriorate during transport and storage, that fragile goods are protected or that the food safety can be guaranteed. At the same time, proper packaging development ensures high user benefit, which can be reflected in easy handling, low weight or save-spacing disposal. By using different materials, packaging can be tailored to the most diverse requirements.

At the same time, it is worth making the effort of in-depth packaging development. Since during this phase, an optimal cost-benefit ratio, which is paid off in hard cash, can be achieved with sound planning.