Packaging logistics

On the way to “Industry 4.0”, packaging logistics plays an important role. This is because it acts as a link between production and distribution. Packaging logistics offers savings potential and the way to a higher efficiency. And this in an environment of an intensified competitive situation with stagnating margins, where at the same time a high quality of service and products is required.

Considerable optimisation potentials are hidden not only in the area of packaging materials itself but also in the process and structure costs - these potentials are used to the full by DELTA within the scope of the DELTA work process.

Which objectives are pursued by packaging logistics?

Packaging logistics deals with the organisation, management and optimisation of the packaging process in a company. Due to the necessity of coordination, multiple points of contact with the storage and transport logistics arise. All three are links between production and distribution.

The packaging process forms the central element in the process chain order picking - packing - prepare for dispatch. Here, the packaging logistics ensures that the times for packing and unpacking, and thus the costs, are kept to a minimum. Thereby, the selection of the most suitable packaging is of vital importance, whereby interfaces with purchasing also arise.

For the optimisation of packaging, reliance is placed on the special knowledge of the packaging manufacturer. The task of packaging logistics is in this case to provide qualified information about the internal processes, as well as to coordinate the interests of transport and storage logistics to enable the packaging supplier to develop an optimal solution.

Another task is the avoidance of downtime, the optimisation of the material flow and the reduction of process times. This has a direct impact on personnel costs.

Also, packaging logistics has an influence on the occupancy costs. This is on the one hand due to the impact on own space requirements, and on the other side due to the choice of packaging, which permit the ideal use of the storage space. Flexible packaging logistics can also assist in keeping warehouse stocks low. Costs for transport and materials can also be positively affected through packaging logistics.

Packaging logistics is growing in importance as a subsection of logistics. This is because, in this area, various cost factors can make an impact. At the same time, inventive logistics concepts contribute to an improved environmental balance. On the one hand by the use of recyclable materials, on the other hand, by optimised, space-saving packaging, which requires a lower transport volume and therefore ensures a reduction of the CO2 emissions during the transportation by HGVs.