Packaging Management with the DELTA principle

Efficient. Innovative. Sustainable.

Packaging management means holistic management of the supply chain with regards to efficient, environmentally friendly safe and appealing packaging.

Yet companies in Germany give away millions day after day - they transport raw materials, components and products in uneconomic packaging. And they have no idea of the hidden savings potentials.

The DELTA principle facilitates the sustainable optimisation of their companies’ packaging solutions using optimally coordinated measures. After all, there is packaging for each item that fits like a glove, which allows for a significantly higher packing density in reusable containers. That makes handling as comfortable as possible. At the same time it provides maximum protection during transport, too.

We can find just such packaging: with the DELTA principle. And if it does not yet exist, we create it. According to the holistic approach of the DELTA principle, the best packaging is precisely the one which provides the most significant possible contribution to optimisation at every point in the supply chain, and which reduces the process and storage costs simultaneously. To achieve the impossible, very experienced specialists are required, who are just as proficient in packaging design as in project analysis. Specialists, who work with the most diverse materials from prototype development to large-scale production, and from this, develop tailor-made packaging solutions.

Such experts in packaging management are working for you: at DELTA.
Trying does pay off. See for yourself.