Packaging service provider

As holistic packaging service provider, Delta Packaging manages significantly more complex issues than just the question “standard box or constructional packaging?”

Extensive capabilities are in demand: From the situation analysis, via consultation based on the former, with innovative suggestions and a master plan for the implementation of the measures, evaluation with benchmarking, followed by a continuous improvement process.

Place your trust in our know-how: As packaging service provider, DELTA Packaging has extensive experience in holistic process optimisation. DELTA is a company of the DS Smith Group, a leading international provider of consumer goods packaging, with more than 22,000 employees and sites in 25 countries. In the area of industrial packaging, highly-qualified DELTA employees look after renowned manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry and other sectors, in line with holistic packaging management.

Expertise in packaging services

You benefit from our experience as packaging service provider in many ways:

  • We check existing structures and historically evolved processes for optimisation potentials - across the entire supply chain.

  • At the same time, we examine savings potentials in the area of purchasing and procurement costs as well as process and logistics costs.

  • The objective is to develop a holistic packaging solution by the DELTA principle, which considers all aspects of the supply chain.

  • The DELTA service areas reflect these requirements:
    They consist of packaging development and design, procurement management, data management, material management und logistics management.

Procurement management & packaging management

As a packaging service provider offering comprehensive services, we frequently check the procurement markets and have insider knowledge. We systematically ask the critical questions and find the answers: Where can we find reliable sources for optimal packaging? Who delivers the material, what can be said about the quality of the material? How is the price structure in procurement management designed? Who is offering the required level of service regarding quality, amount, deadlines and price?

We find the right answers to these questions and the best possible solutions for your company.

At the same time, we pay particular attention to cost structures. Companies give away millions every day, by transporting products in uneconomical packaging and with a low degree of volume utilisation. We find optimal packaging for your products. Packages which enable the most highly packing density as possible are easy to handle and offer maximum protection during transport. And if such packaging does not yet exist, we develop it within the course of our packaging engineering, using the most modern design and three-dimensional visualisation tools.

Material management & logistics management

The optimal packaging does not only serve the safe and efficient protection and transport of products, but it is an integrative part of comprehensive logistic management. Especially in the areas of storage and transport, there are often hidden vast savings potentials. Within the scope of the DELTA principle, DELTA Packaging also provides room for its clients. This creates space for value-adding measures such as reduction in inventory, optimisation of the cash flow or the decline of the working capital. As packaging service provider, DELTA is placed precisely at the interface between the packaging industry and logistics. Our experts bring together the best of both of these worlds. 

Supplier management

Complex procurement structures mean high administrative expenses. The control of suppliers of different packaging materials and packaging shapes leads to avoidable costs. DELTA Packaging ensures that the supplier structure is consolidated and develops an optimum procurement structure with your instructions.

As packaging service provider, DELTA Packaging deliberately does not tie itself to specific manufacturers or material preferences. We aim to find the optimal packaging for your products, taking into account the different cost structures. At the same time, we comply with the high quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001 as well as environmental standards in accordance with ISO 14000 and are appropriately certified.