Packaging solutions

DELTA packaging analyses and optimises individual packaging solutions. While doing so, we take into account all associated processes along the entire supply chain. Our clients include, among others, renowned manufacturers in the automotive industry, aeronautical engineering, tool making, mechanical engineering and equipment construction as well as the electrical industry.

We analyse your existing packaging solutions and are searching for optimisation potentials. This analysis is based on a comprehensive review. It is not limited to purchasing and procurement costs of packaging. Our aim is not only to design packaging solutions that offer as much protection as possible with costs as low as possible. The objective of  DELTA Solutions is to optimise the entire packaging supply chain. In doing so, we not only provide advice on packaging but also process consulting.

We thereby offer far more than the optimally constructed transport packaging. Solutions following the DELTA principle are tailored precisely to your requirements and can be accessed in parts as well as in their entirety.

Efficiency increase and cost reduction

In the area of packaging optimisation, we ensure to develop packaging solutions, which also contribute to the decrease in costs, as the prices for purchasing and procurement in most cases constitute only around 20 to 30 percent of the overall packaging costs. In the area of the process as well as logistics optimisation, there are often hidden high savings potentials which remain unexploited. This is because processes that have evolved historically are usually retained despite their lack of efficiency. This causes a real proliferation of many different packaging which are not matched to the goods to be packaged. The consequences of this include insufficient protection of the products during transport and the complaints resulting out of this, a low degree of volume use due to unnecessarily large packages, high additional costs for storage and logistics as well as the unduly high utilisation of resources and therefore low environmental sustainability.

Optimal packaging solutions

We, therefore, develop packaging solutions, which take into account these various aspects of the value chain. Safe packaging and product protection are the focus of such development, just as the reduction of the overall costs as well as environmental aspects.

Our packaging is matched to the individual requirements of our clients. Also, DELTA also offers the construction of prototypes by your specifications or the unique product requirements, in order to develop a space-saving secure and overall cost-effective packaging. Until this proves itself in practice, we carry out the extensive test, for example about product protection, handling or practicability.