Procurement management with the DELTA principle

Energetic. Clever. In perspective.

The procurement markets are dynamic structures, which are subject to permanent changes also in the packaging sector. In order to keep an overview at all times, inside knowledge is required, which is only obtained over the long term with high specialisation. The DELTA principle is also effective in this area. Because it repeatedly asks the right questions, sympathetically and based on many years of experience. Where are the sources for the optimized packaging of your products? Who is supplying them? When and where? And most importantly: how reliable are the supplies? What is the quality and which guarantees are given? Not to forget: at what price? Our specialists find the right answers for your company, the best possible solutions - while considering all relevant factors. The reason being, that only a holistic view can lead to cost-optimising in the long run. The aim of optimal procurement management must be to ensure the long-term security of supply with minimal procurement costs and high procurement efficiency.