Spare parts packaging

For the transport of spare parts, DELTA Packaging is developing specific spare parts packaging. Large deliveries of spare parts are required on a daily basis, especially in the area of the automotive industry. If a bumper is damaged or the windscreen has a stone chip, the spare parts must be transported from the manufacturer to the (authorised) repairer. Likewise, spare parts for engines, exhaust systems, axle drive, brake system, shock absorbers, electrics, transmission or headlights are required.

These spare parts require a high-quality spare parts packaging, to protect the products during transportation.

Modern motor vehicles have increased more special equipment. Thus in the last few years, many new driver assistance systems have been developed, such as blind spot alert, distance alert, auto brake functions or tracking assistant. Many manufacturers are intensively working to facilitate autonomous driving, which raises the need for further, comprehensive and often temperamental systems. The inclusion of these additional articles in the spectrum of spare parts continuously sets new challenges for packaging service providers. Extra part packages which ensure a high degree of protection during transport must be developed for these new products.

Essential efficiency criteria here are standardisation, compatibility and modularisation, to ensure that spare part packaging does not become an “insular solution”. With a modular structure, packages can be adapted that they can be used, for example, for the transportation of different-sized bumpers. .

Cartons and reusable packaging

Cartons are preferably used in the area of spare part packaging. They offer the advantage that they are light and foldable and that their storage is space-saving. Also, they have high stability and are also suitable for the packaging of heavy parts.