Supplier management

Competent. Systematic. Cross-linked.
Supplier management with the DELTA principle.

If there is a systematic control of the relationship between a company and its suppliers, this is described as supplier management.

Procurement and purchasing are subject to a rapid change. It is necessary to establish instruments and processes, which meet the challenges of international competition and take into account social and environmental changes as well as technologic progress. Supplier management set up for the long-term therefore treats suppliers as strategic partners.

Complex supplier structures with correspondingly high administrative costs are more the norm than the exception in companies today. It is all the more worth optimising the supplier management using the DELTA principle, and also to systematically manage the relationships to suppliers, especially in the area of packaging. The emphasis is on “systematic” - because without a system there is no true comparability. It is, however, the key to optimisation: during evaluation and selection of the suppliers and their integration into the processes - of course taking into account the corresponding logistical aspects.

Supplier management with DELTA

Delta Packaging is a company of the DS Smith Group, a leading international provider of recyclable consumer goods packaging, with more than 22,000 employees and sites in 25 countries. The division DS Smith Packaging ranks among the leading manufacturers of displays and packaging with a focus on innovation.

DELTA was established in 2000 as a business branch of the Swedish SCA Group. The triggers were growing demands in the automotive industry: An own subsidiary was created to provide optimal coverage of the requirements of automobile manufacturers as well as their parts suppliers in the areas of packaging, service and logistics. The legal form of DELTA GmbH was established in 2008. Today, with a wealth of experience and numerous experts, DELTA serves renowned manufacturers and suppliers from different sectors. Its head office is in Pulheim near Cologne. From there, all business activities in Germany and Europe are coordinated.

Operational and strategic objectives of supplier management

The core task of the supplier management is to make the performance of different suppliers comparable at the operational level and in doing so, to identify optimisation potentials as well as reduce procurement costs. With a detailed analysis of the suppliers, it is possible to pool services and to match them to the specific requirements of your company.

The strategic objectives of the supplier management include the optimisation of the supplier base of a company. Depending on the procurement strategy, the aim is to reduce the procurement costs or to improve the quality of the supply. At the same time, default risks are to be minimised as much as possible, which requires the early development of viable alternative suppliers.

DELTA provides advice to you on questions concerning supplier management, to assist your company with this significant element of the optimisation of the supply chain to permanently become more efficient.